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Dr. Chand Attends GP Invisalign Summit 2017

In early September, Dr. Chand attended the GP Invisalign Summit for 2017, a four-day conference where the latest technology for Invisalign orthodontics is discussed. The conference is attended by many of the top practitioners in the United States. This Invisalign Summit functions a live case presentation event, where practitioners can submit their Invisalign treatment plans […]

Can Invisalign Correct My Overbite?

Mclean Family Dentistry Doctors

Invisalign is a unique system of orthodontics that uses clear plastic trays to align your smile over time. Invisalign can treat many of the same alignment problems that traditional braces can treat. Although traditional metal braces are better for more complex cases, Invisalign is capable of treating almost all common problems that braces can treat. […]

Patient Understanding & Expectations for Laser Whitening with Biolase

Are you dreaming of beautiful white teeth but worried about how a professional whitening will affect your tooth sensitivity? With Biolase Laser Whitening at McLean Family Dentistry, you can experience a significantly whiter smile without sensitivity. At McLean Family Dentistry, we see patients who really want whiter teeth but are anxious about the procedure based […]

A Professional Brighter Smile Awaits. See 8 Shades Whiter in Less Than an Hour!

Boy oh boy are we a busy society! We are constantly running around. I hear from patients who lapse on their dental cleanings that they simply lost track of time. Busy work schedules and kids activities are constantly on everyone’s minds. With this busy lifestyle we have created for ourselves, it doesn’t surprise me when […]

Too Embarrassed to Talk?

How can you be too embarrassed to talk? It’s simple, right? Open, speak, talk. Well, that’s what I thought too. Sure I’ve had patients who have come to me saying they hate their smile and want things fixed so they can look better and feel better about themselves. But it wasn’t until recently that I […]

Plaque HD: A toothpaste that dyes my teeth?!

I love dental conventions. There! I said it. But I truly do! Why you may ask? Well, of course for the continuing education courses but most of all to roam the floor of the convention hall. All the latest and greatest in dental technology is out there! The only thing I can compare it to […]

Spring Cleaning for Your Teeth! McLean Family Dentistry

It’s that time of year again.  The weather is warming up.  People are trading their sweatshirts for t-shirts. And…oh yes! Your dental office is calling you to remind you of your six month cleaning.  The cold weather and snow days kept most of us under the covers and rearranging our family’s busy schedules.  Well it’s […]