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Making Dentistry More Accessible During COVID-19

Dentists around the world were forced to close their practices back in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As months passed, many states have slowly begun to reopen again. In the Northern Virginia area, Forward Virginia, also known as the phased-approach to reopen businesses safely, is taking place. Dental practitioners everywhere are adjusting their current model to accommodate our new normal to make dental care more accessible for all.

In order to continue dental care and keep everyone safe at this time, McLean Family Dentistry is providing additional screening prior to each patient appointment. This is to ensure the health and safety of our team and patients. Our general family dentistry is also eliminating patient appointment overlaps, new office layout that adheres to social distancing guidelines, and increased PPE. Learn more about our current COVID-19 Safety & Preparedness Plan in our latest blog.

Here’s how other dental offices around the world are changing their practices to ensure everyone’s health and safety during COVID-19:

Mobile Dental Offices

Mobile dental offices are fairly straightforward, as dentists can physically bring their dental office and HIPAA compliant equipment directly to their patients to perform necessary procedures.

While most aerosol-generating procedures are limited, mobile dentists are able to provide routine dental care in a more secluded and private setting. As this is a major change for most dentists, it also provides more comfort for patients, as it reduces how many people they will be in contact with during their appointment.

Mobile dentists also offer better flexibility to those who are unable to physically visit the dentist. This may include patients living in assisted living facilities, retirement communities, rehabilitation centers and much more.


Teledentistries allow dentists to virtually meet with their patients in real-time to access their dental health. This type of appointment omits time spent on commuting, which will help people save more money on their overall commute.

In addition to that, it will also allow patients to spend more time at work or school since much of our time is affected by how long it takes us to get to our appointments.

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At McLean Family Dentistry, our team is committed to keeping you safe while ensuring you receive the highest quality of dental care possible during this challenging time. Our family-oriented general dentistry is proud to continue serving you and your family’s needs

Just as we adhere to the CDC guidelines on a daily basis, we ask that patients also follow these guidelines as well to help limit the spread of the virus. Nothing is more important to our team than your family’s safety and that you are receiving the dental care you need.

We look forward to your next visit with us! Contact our general dentistry at (703) 991-6224 to schedule your next appointment.