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School’s Out For Summer!

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It’s here! Summer break that is. Your kids are out of school and at home all day. (Deep breaths). Now I’m sure there are a few trips planned and it’s not all chaos. But I remember what it was like! (It wasn’t that long ago). Oh who am I kidding…it was a long time ago.

I remember waking up around lunchtime, staying in my pj’s all day, playing video games, watching TV and being on the phone A LOT. We ate all the junk food we weren’t supposed to eat and of course quenched our thirst with Slurpees. It was the life. Of course we told our parents we woke up at 9 am, brushed our teeth, showered, ate a healthy breakfast and absolutely did not eat a Cinnabon at Tysons.

That’s why it’s no surprise when I look at the schedule and see little Johnny on the books for a cleaning at 9 am that I know I’m in for some attitude. The last place Johnny wants to be is in my chair getting his teeth polished. Johnny wants to be in bed and we all know it. So I use a technique that I have seen work really well recently: Bribery.

1) Want to watch your favorite show or movie? Sure thing! Open up and let us take some pics and polish your teeth. You can watch Netflix, Hulu, HGTV, ESPN..etc.. Voila! Your wish is granted and you have beautiful, sparkling white teeth.

2) Want to wear your pj’s to your dental cleaning and just go to sleep? Not a problem for us! First of all, our chairs are probably the most comfortable dental chairs you have ever sat in. We’ll put a bite block in there and you can snooze right away. We will clean away your plaque (and your drool) and we’re all happy campers.

3) Want a Slurpee and a Cinnabon?? Tough luck. I like you too much to let you eat that much sugar. But we can use some fun flavors of prophy paste that you may really like. How about Strawberry Cheesecake, Sugar Cookie, Triple Chocolate Brownie, Strawberry Margarita, or Pina Colada as some delicious choices?

Before you know it Fall will be among us and the kids will be back in stressful work mode. I wish you all a safe Summer break and hope you remember to brush your teeth after enjoying that delicious ice cream cone on a hot Summer day. 🙂

-Dr. Chand

A Very Thankful Time of Year

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Two years ago our doors opened for the first time.  I hired one assistant, Elizabeth, who worked as my front desk, assistant, organizer, and basically everything else under the sun.  We would wait for the phones to ring and get excited. In the beginning it was just telemarketers and wrong numbers.  At times I’d get so discouraged and think, Was this the right move? With school loans, mortgages, bills, and now a loan for a dental office, did I make the right move? To be honest, I always knew from the bottom of my heart that it was the right decision. It was really the questions from concerned family members that put fear in me. “Are the phones ringing constantly?”. “No, mom. Not yet.” “Are you really busy yet, honey”. “No, dad. We’ll get there.” ” My parents never had any doubts in me. Even though they shared my concerns, they knew as entrepreneurs themselves that success takes time. They lived the American dream for me and my siblings. There is no such thing as success without struggle.

As most of you know, I was an associate dentist for many years before I decided to open up my own practice. Nobody tells you. And I mean nobody tells you how hard it can be.  As an associate dentist, you do dentistry and go on home on your merry way. You don’t have to worry about computers not working, staff concerns, etc. As an owner, your heart becomes invested in the practice. It’s not just work, it’s your life. I spent more time in the office than I did with my husband because there was always something to do.  It took a while, but I started to understand the importance of a good work-life balance.  There will always be work, but family is the most important thing in the world. Our patients are our extended family.

Our first patients were probably terrified with our enthusiasm. YES! WE CAN SEE YOU!  It was only a matter of time before my staff would say, “Dr. Chand, the schedule is full”. We always look at our referrals and are just so thankful when we see how many new patients are referrals from our current patients. We may be busy, but never too busy to take care of your dental care.You are the heart of this practice and we are forever grateful for the trust you put in us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving!
-Dr.Chand, Edna, Elizabeth, Angela, Gissella, Katie, and Cheryl.