Sedation Dentistry

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Do you feel anxious while at the dentist?

Been putting off your dental care due to dental fear?

The caring team at McLean Family Dentistry understands and is here to help.

Don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from maintaining a clean, healthy smile. Our sedation dentistry service helps make your comfort before, during and after your appointment our priority.

Did you know that a majority of Americans feel some kind of anxiety about going to the dentist? The truth is that if you feel slightly uneasy about going to the dentist, you are far from alone. One of the most unfortunate aspects of this fact is that far too many people avoid the dentist altogether to avoid their feeling of unease, causing further destruction of oral health and more complex (and expensive) care in the future. At McLean Family Dentistry, we want our patient’s comfort and peace of mind to be our number one priority, because by eradicating dental anxiety, we bring our patients one step closer to proper dental health and maintenance.

We provide nitrous oxide, more commonly known as ‘Laughing Gas’, to our patients who require extra ease and care during certain procedures. Nitrous oxide is colorless, odorless, and does not irritate the body or nose. This gas is not intended to put you to sleep and you will be able to hear and respond to all requests or questions that the dentist may have. Your speech may be slightly slurred and your responses may be slower than usual, but you will be fully aware of yourself and your surroundings.

When the gas is administered, you will simply be asked to breathe slowly and regularly through your nose before feeling the calming effects of the nitrous oxide. After a few minutes, you may feel a bit tingly or ‘light’, but ultimately quite calm and comfortable. Most patients report feeling tingly, warm, happy, and perhaps even a bit silly. Rest assured that these effects wear off shortly after the procedure (typically about 15 minutes) and many patients are even fine to drive home afterwards.

Don’t let dental anxiety or fear of the dentist keep you from the healthy smile you deserve. Our team is here for you.

For more information on sedation dentistry, or to see if it is right for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation today.